what do you ladies do to stay or keep in shape?

i'm feeling really *blah*, aka FAT as fuck. i've been eating sooo much fast food since i've had this crazy schedule and i feel like poo.

i'm done with this semester in 2 days (PRAISE JESUS!) and i want to try a fun new workout.

keep in mind: i'm a poor college student, lol. i like doing DVD's. have you guys done any fun workout dvd's lately?

i kind of want to do these strip ones, they look fun! i mean, i'm pathetically single so it'd never come in handy, lol, but it looks like a blast!

comments please =]

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  1. lets see... I find that getting dressed up in ubber sexy clothes and high heels to dance to GOOD music is helpful...and free! LMAO!!! I'm a loser like that! But its fun! *shrugs*

    Yesssss...strip DVD's and BELLY DANCING!

    fyi: I'm pathetically single too... no worries..we'll be the future GF's who know how to keep their men! hahahaha!

    Good luck!

    -Kelly of *AF*