i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

oh gosh, i've been away for so long! i've missed you guys!

i decided to suspend my blog for a few months while i was in school and now i'm DONE so i'm back. =]

what have you lovelies been up to? staying gorgeous, i'm sure. ;]

will blog more at a later date.



this may be one of the rudest thing anyone has ever said to me

ok, somehow at work, we got on the topic of names and if we "matched" our names. my name is paige, (duh, lol) and they decided i look like a monica or elizabeth. for some reason all the ignorant hoodrats think my name is so freakin' ugly and weird. um, ok. my mom picked out my name before i was even thought about it. she picked it for sound and meaning, it means "Servant". i used to ask her why she'd name me that, and she told me "think about it Paige; of all the greatest people in the world, they've all been servants" good point. very smart lady. then someone asked what my middle name was. some people knew it, some didn't, but it's my mom's maiden name. i dont wanna put it on here for privacy reasons, but it starts with W. and it's clearly a last name, not something that could pass for a first name like Madison or something. now, this one girl in particular knows my mother has passed away. and she flat out said "ok, i know about your mom... but that was so stupid. that's dumb" and proceeded to laugh hysterically along with all the other hood creatures. what. the. fuck. my mom gave me that last name because all my cousins are girls. the last men are my grandpa and uncle, and when they pass away and their daughters got married, the name was gonna go with them. and my mom was into genealogy and ancestry and she wanted someone to have the name. i told the girl this and she laughed like it was the dumbest shit she'd ever heard and said no one should do that and it was dumb. i was pissed. this happened about 8 or 9 hours ago and i am still LIVID over it. say whatever the fuck you want about me, but how DARE YOU talk about any decision my deceased mother made. she never even met her and she knows i'm sensitive about it!


ok. *inhales* i jsut had to vent. is it just me, or is that hella rude and disrespectful?



omg, i've been so neglectful!

so sorry loves. i've been crazy busy with school and work, i have like, ZERO downtime. =[

anyway, i haven't been up to much... started the new semester, it's going pretty well so far. i'm in 2 classes, that's all i could fit into my work schedule. reason #878767878978 why i need to find a new one... i'm blessed to have a job in the frist place, but i need to be a student first & foremost, and that's just impossible there. they don't care that you're in school and won't chance your schedule. whatever.

haven't done much shopping either to tell you guys about... however, i did order from the nyx $1 sale. bought 14 eyeshadows! can't wait for them to get here. it's gonna take forever though because the demand was so high. i'm really excited for them to get here. i got some really pretty colors!

also, i've been tweeting up a storm! cuz i can do it quickly from my phone... it's almost become my new blog. so, follow me! @ohemgeeitspaige i follow back! ;]

what have you guys been up to?

staying gorgeous i'm sure!

xoxo, ttyl



Happy New Year/where have i been?/twitter me!

i haven't blogged in damn near 2 weeks! smh...

anyway, hope you guys had a lovely Christmas & New Year's.

i went to my first club on NY Day (not eve, i just stayed in), and it was a BLAST. i was scared to go, idk why, but it was sooo much fun. Went with my best friend Jessy & her bf and some of their friends, they were all super cool. i got wasted out of my damn mind, omg. i've only been drunk 3 other times but i wasnt out at a club. haha, i apparently fell out of a chair and i have no recollection. i learned my lesson. i love being 21 though and i plan on clubbing again, SOON!

what have you ladies been up to?

also: i've been tweeting like crazy, i want more followers: @ohemgeeitspaige

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