eff. em. ell., AGAIN.


so, some little shitheads decided to go on a car vandalism spree last night and they hit a few cars. and mine was one. they slashed a bunch of tires, and they did that to my car. fortunately, it was only 1 tire, and i ended up getting a cheap used one and my aunt paid for it (thanks Aunt Dee!), cuz i just lost my job a week ago.

blahhh, i wish stupid crap would stop happenening.

whoever did this is an idiot. they squirted mustard all over this one guy's car & they put newspapers all over it and tried to set the papers on fire. (what the phuck?!) and they threw a brick through one girl's window. it's so juvenile. and they even went in our yard and stole my grandpa's peaches that he'd worked so hard on! and his tomatoes. and he takes such pride in his garden. i'm like 99% sure of who did it. stupid hood possum, ugh.

anyway, it could have been worse, so i'm thankful it wasn't. but i just don't understand the point. like, why is slashing tires fun?

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