cosmetology school, i'm on my way!

well, sort of.

i've been wanting to go for yeeeeeears, but it never worked out. i always wanted to go, but i just kind of accepted that i never would, that it was just a hobby.

but, over the past year, i realized i can do ANYTHING i put my mind to. and then i lost my job last week and the hours interfered with the schedule of the school i want to go to, so now i have nothing holding me back!

so, i'm gonna go on a tour of this particular school i want to go to. i know of 3 people i went to HS with that went there and they LOVED it and they're doing so well and after the finished, they're all pursuing bachelor's degrees which is my plan. if i go full time, i'll be done in 10 months which is great!

wish me luck guys, i really want this!

have any of YOU ever gone to cosmetology school?

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