individual eyelashes.


i've been thinking about trying them. just on the outer corners though. hers turned out really pretty!

has anyone ever done it by themselves?

was it hard?

Rihanna's album art for new album, "Rated R"


love her. <3

i love this wavy look!


more epid Queen-ness. man i love Freddie Mercury <3



they have awesome music, absolutely timeless, you guys should download them!


Megan Fox waves

i wanna try this!

not with that space-ship looking "rod" thingy though. my plain ol' curling iron.

lately i've been doing my waves by just wrapping my hair around a 3/4" curling iron but i never thought of alternating with regular curls.

hers turned out so pretty, i HAVE to try this!

what's your ringtone? [COMMENT PLEASE! I'M CURIOUS!]

just a random question.

mine is currently "sweet dream" by beyonce & my text tone is the beep from "kimpossible". haha.

forever21 haul!

woohoo! my stuff finally got here!

i got a grey slouchy beret.
like4 pairs of super cute earrings.
&& 2 packs of hairbows. ;]

i wanna order some bracelets and another hat. and some necklaces.

damn online shopping makes it too easy to spend unnecessary money.


RIP Shiloh Pepin

poor little Shiloh was a 10 year old girl born with "Mermaid Syndrome"/ Basically, her legs were fused together and her entire uro-genital and some of her digestive system were abnormal due to this. I've seen her on tv a few times and she was so funny! i just wanted to give the poor baby a hug. They didn't think she'd even live to be a few days old because of all the health problems associated with her syndrome but she lived to 10, and unfortunately, something as relatively common as a cold is what killed her.

if you've never seen her on tv, here's a video of here. very inspirational. she was so positive in spite of it all!

RIP Shiloh.

p.s., i cannot believe some of the comments people had about her! smh...

remember the show Daria?

why don't they play this anymore?!? it was like, the best show on MTV! i miss her. =[

random smells i live & probably shouldn't love

1. acrylic liquid
3. gasoline
4. white out
5. super alcoholic hairspray

do you guys have any weird scents that you love?

zebra striped phone cases!

ahhh, aren't they super cute! you get all 3 of these for less than $12 on amazon.

it's for my env touch.

can't wait 'til they get here. ;]

i plan on using the pink & black one mostly.


Why can't forever21 just extend their sizes?

Yes, yes i know they have faith21 now which is great, but the selection is SEVERELY lacking in comparison to Forever21. They have the cutest stuff but they only go up to a large, which is like, a size 10/11 i believe.

seriously, why don't think just make all their clothes bigger and follow in the footsteps of Old Navy and other clothing stores that make EVERYTHING in bigger sizes. I'm not saying they should go up to a size 56 or some crap, but there's a huge market for plus sizes up to a certain point. i am in the process of losing weight cuz i wanna be healthy [and slimmer] lol, but i wanna look cute too!

Here's the item that made me want to rant: [lol]

i'd seriously love to have this shirt! boo!

and i'd also love to have everything else on this page: http://www.forever21.com/category.asp?catalog_name=FOREVER21&category_name=top_dressy&page=all&pgCount=25

With this ring, I thee wed.

...or do i?

seriously, how awesome is this ring? if you can't tell what it is, it's a pig flying. i think it's meant to be worn on your wedding ring finger and you're telling everyone that you'll get married when pigs fly.

ha. cute.

i want!


just wanted to share this site with you guys.

they have some REALLY, really cute stuff!

can't wait to order a few things. =]

i have a bag & a couple necklaces i have my eyes on.

they have some BAD shoes too! and everything's super cheap!

again, it's. www.urbanoriginal.com

Why Wedding Rings go on hte 4th finger.

is Foxxy Brown still deaf?

anybody remember that little incident or whatever the hell happened when she just suddenly went deaf? haven't heard anything about it lately. doesn't seem like it'd just come back... eh, idk.

anyone else remember this?

Introducing baby Sparrow!

so precious.

i think they're the cutest family. and look at Harlow, she looks just like her mommy!
awww. <3

dating a guy with a child.

i've been meaning to blog about this for a while now. about a month, actually and it all started one stupid day at work. it's a long story, but i had to sit in a different section at work than i usually do and i ended up next to this guy and we really, REALLY hit it off. we flirted all day and texted all that night, then a couple days later he tells me we need to stop cuz he has a girlfriend of over a year. perfect. why do i bother liking anyone? anyway, that's beside the point. he mentioned a couple hours after knowing me that he had a 3 year old son, and that kinda made me step back. now, don't get me wrong, kids are an absolute blessing and i can't wait to have my own some day and i know that there are PLENTY of people my age with children, but i'm just not ready yet, and i feel like when you're dating someone with a child--you're almost like a step-parent and i sure as hell ain't ready for that!

what do you guys think? i mean, it's awesome that he has a baby and that he supports him, and i really honestly don't know if i would have pursued it any further had it turned out he didn't have a g/f. i mean, as far as i'm concerned, i won't be ready to deal with any children until i'm done with school and married and playing step mom is a big responsibility. kids are great, but i'm just not at a point in my life where i feel like i can handle that.
have any of you guys been in a similar situation? what would you do?

shoes... GIMME!

ignore the fools in the pic, just concentrate on her feet.

i need those in my life.


What the heck happened to Lindsay Lohan?!

omg! i used to love her. she was so bubbly & i loved all her movies, they were so cute. i feel bad for her. all the drama with her dad and fame must be getting to her. if i didn't know who this was, i'd think this was a picture of a 35 year old tanning addict. but this is Lindsay, and she's only 23! smh... I hope you get it together dear. You have a lot of potential.



Marge Simpson in "Playboy"

and here's her model stat sheet.

idk how i feel about this. i mean, yes, it's clever. but i still find it kind of weird. and there's a pic [that i didn't post] of her in a very sheer negligee and you can CLEARLY see her nipples.

my pick for Postsecret post of the week <3


love, love, LOVE this song.


"i turn to you" by Christina Aguilera. i used to love it so much and i just rediscovered it a few days ago. her voice is so beautiful & i love the lyrics.

sorry, embedding was disabled by her channel. so annoying.

Stephanie Pratt: more "The Hills" surery gone awry.

she was so cute before!



this is just some of the stuff i got, but the best.

1. Jessica Simpson platform pumps. so cute. black suede, from DSW.
2. Orville Redenbacher's Ultimate Butter popcorn. SO GOOD!
3. Jergen's lotion. works so well. this is definitely my HG.
4. speaking of HG's. MAC Studio Finish Concealer. MUST HAVE ALERT! seriously, the best i've ever used.
5. Garnier Fructis Triple Conditioner. contains shea, olive & avocado oils. saw it in Seventeen mag & they suggested it for African American hair. thought i'd give it a try. it's in my hair right now and it smells SO GOOD. nice & thick too. i'll let ya guys know how it works.


200th post! nuthin' special though, don't get too excited, hehe ;]

look at those shoes! they're from the Alexander McQueen fashion show, which was inspired by Darwin's "The Origin Of Species"

the shoes are nuts!


interesting way to wave your hair

i've never seen or heard of this before! i was so confused when she first started, lol. i'm gonna try and see how it works for me. anyone ever use this technique before?


Most Innappropriate Google Suggestions

^^^ seriously. who would think of that? lol, smh...

some of these are pretty funny though!

follow the link i'm posting: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/07/most-inappropriate-google_n_313246.html

sorry, i'm too lazy to deal with HTML tonight. ;]

"The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus"

check out the trailer! as most of us remember, Heath Ledger passed away January, 2008 (it was THAT long ago?! seems like it just happened), anyway, this is the movie he was working on when he died. It wasn't finished, so they had to completely rework the parts he didn't finish and his part was filled in by Johnny Depp, Colin Ferrell and Jude Law (idk if this is true, but i heard they were all donating 100% of their paychecks to Heath's daughter, Matilda). it looks really good! one of those "visual" movies i love. like "Moulin Rouge", and "Willy Wonka". Good movies, but they're also REALLY pretty to look at. "Imaginarium" looks pretty interesting! can't wait to see it! RIP Heath. such a talented actor. seriously, him as the Joker gave me chills. amazing.


no, your eyes are NOT deceiving you.

wow, this is nuts. technology is officially TMI.

long story short. you just bang bang boogied? go to this site and let the world know EXACTLY where and what position. ha. smh...


facebook status ouchie.

*she shall remain nameless*: hates when bald headed, insecure transsexuals try and check u about a pair of balls and dick that they aint fuckin. what gets me even more is how it can look n the mirror and call that distorted, road kill, left for dead face pretty and call me a down grade. these desperate ass transsexuals kill me tryna fit into society as normal, when my dead dog got better features than what yo mama and daddy conjured up.

lol, dang.



ok, i'm done, lol, but seriously, it was so good! best zombie movie i've ever seen hands, down. the thing that made it-the humor! yes, it was gory as expected, but the humor was so great. it stars Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Bresslin, and newcomer Jesse Eisenberg.

it's hard to explain, but just go see it guys. you won't regret it. i'm usually not all that impressed by movies, especially scary ones, but this one was really good and different.


Kandi Burruss' fiance, AJ, killed last night.


poor guy.

I really hate to hear about anyone getting killed, especially BEATEN to death. how hard do you have to hit someone to kill them? and it was a one-on-one fight apparently! terrible. i'm sure it was over nothing. Anyway, Kandi tweeted about it and she's off to her uncle's funeral this morning. geez. 2 deaths in a week for her. she's in my prayers though. she's my favorite housewife! i love how she's always smiling that, i adore people like that. her daughter Riley is also in my prayers, as Kandi always talked about how close Riley & AJ were. Apparently the relationship ended in August but i think they were getting back together. Also praying for AJ's kids. it's all very sad. I wish people would think about who they're hurting before they do things like this.



what do you guys think of this? i'm sure some of you reading this are cohabitating. do you think it's good or bad? for the people who aren't; would you ever do it? why or why not?

personally, i find the notion completely non-romantic. some people find it very sweet when their significant other asks them to move in, but um, it just doesn't sound appealing. when you get married; isn't like half the fun the fact that you finally get to live together? and it almost seems like, inappropriate, for lack of a better word. everybody in your family is gonna know you're fucking! lol, idk, maybe i'm just a prude, but i just wouldn't want my family thinking of me like that until i got married. idk, maybe i'm just old fashioned...

eh, just some things. a buddy from HS is moving in with her BF tmrw & i'm happy for them, they seem very in love and like a great couple!

p.s. my eye's been twitching for like 3 days now and and it's driving me NUTS. AH!

Honor Marie Warren

i know i pretty much dropped off the face of the [blogging] earth, but i just had to post this. i stumbled across it by accident, i'm actually really not a fan of paparazzi taking pics of celebrities' kids, but she doesn't seem scared or anything in this pic.

anyway, how precious is she?! omg! i think she's one of the cutest babies i've ever seen. her little leggings & tunic and the cropped jacket, haha. absolutely adorable. can't wait 'til i'm ready to have babies when i get all settled with my career & such.

btw, she's the daughter of Jessica Alba & Cash Warren.