Christian + Atheist = hot mess?

I know religion isn't a topic commonly discussed on most of the blogs I read, but I'd been wanting to blog about this for a while. I, like most of you probably are (statistically speaking), am a Christian. I wouldn't consider myself to be a "super-Christian", but a Christian non-the-less. I think I lead a pretty conservative life, but I'd definitely consider myself a liberal because I believe people should have the legal right to do whatever they, within reason. I see no problem with being gay, pre-marital sex, etc. I'm kind of rambling, but do you think a devout Christian could date and or marry an atheist and it would actually work? In my world, religion is really important. I don't talk about it 24/7 because i don't believe in pushing my beliefs on other people, but how could one be in a relationship who feels the exact opposite of something that's SO important to you?

Personally, I don't think I could deal with it. What about you girls? Have you ever dated someone with opposite beliefs or known someone who did?

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  1. I don't think a relationship where there are different beliefs can work... there's always going to be conflicts...