mannn, i lost my freaking job today!

according to my boss, i'm not earning my pay. even though i get there early every damn day, work while i'm off the clock to help her out & do a million jobs that are NOT in my job description.

this past year has been hell.

first i lost my mom.
then i had to leave out house.
then i had to leave my school.
i lost my financial stability when she died, as she was my only parent.
some drunken hag totals my parked car, insurance paid for me to get a new car, but it has a million problems and i can't afford a new one.
now i've lost my job.

idk how much more bad news i can take.

pray for me, y'all.


  1. i kno that seems like a lot to handle....but when one door closes a BETTER one opens....patience is def a virtue!!! keep ur head held high at all times... its a phase...this too shall pass...all storms do!!!

    just think in the end u will b a veryyyy strong person!!!

    sooooo sorry about ur mom honey!!

    Kiyyah of *AF*