i know this is old news, but here's a better look at Cassie's haircut

i hate it even more, lol. i mean, it's her head, she can do whatever she wants with it, but i do not understand this trend unless your hair is short. like, keyshia cole. but this cassie mess? i can't get with it.

what do you guys think?

have you seen a non-celeb rocking this look?


  1. is it me...or does it look even more stupid...

    This is recent?

  2. lol, yes it looks WAY worse.

    and yeah i think it is recent.

    idk if it was always shaved this far back, i couldn't really tell in other pics, but it always (at least to me), kind of looked like it was shaved in the front.

    i still can't believe she did that. all that pretty hair...