Happy New Year/where have i been?/twitter me!

i haven't blogged in damn near 2 weeks! smh...

anyway, hope you guys had a lovely Christmas & New Year's.

i went to my first club on NY Day (not eve, i just stayed in), and it was a BLAST. i was scared to go, idk why, but it was sooo much fun. Went with my best friend Jessy & her bf and some of their friends, they were all super cool. i got wasted out of my damn mind, omg. i've only been drunk 3 other times but i wasnt out at a club. haha, i apparently fell out of a chair and i have no recollection. i learned my lesson. i love being 21 though and i plan on clubbing again, SOON!

what have you ladies been up to?

also: i've been tweeting like crazy, i want more followers: @ohemgeeitspaige

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