poor guy.

I'm not even gonna sit here & act like I was his biggest fan, but he always seemed really cool & laid back. I'd heard that he battled drug addiction & a huge weight problem before but he overcame them both. Then less than a year ago, him & Travis Barker survive a plane crash where everyone else but them died. Now it looks like he's overdosed on drugs. I'm not saying drugs are the way to deal with anything, but it really saddens me. Obviously the man had some deep-seated issues, and apparently a recent breakup put him over the edge. It's just all very, very sad. Can you imagine the horror he went through during that crash and the things he saw? Ugh, i can't even imagine. You almost can't lame him for having a relapse. People keep saying "he had a second chance at life and he threw at away for drugs!". What the heck? How can anyone be so judgmental of a dead person? That's always bugged the crap out of me. Anyone who can openly mock a dead person is an ass, flat out. Let the poor man rest. I hope he finds peace now.

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