Why can't WE speak English?

This has been driving me nuts for the longest time. Why is it that SO MANY Black people can't speak basic English?

The older I get, the more I notice it, and interestingly enough, the thing that REALLY made me aware of it is texting & facebook status updates.

The thing that I notice the most is the use, actually the lack thereof, is ending a past tense verb with ed.
maybe it's just me, but i don't see why this concept is so difficult. someone died, they will not be MISS, they will be MISSED.
you're not proud because your lover "WALK" across the stage, he "WALKED" across it, gosh!

Another thing i keep noticing is people not being able to distinguish words ending with "all" or "aww". and you know where it comes from? NOT PRONOUNCING WORDS PROPERLY WHEN WE SPEAK! I've seen so many people spell "y'all", "y'aww" and i actually have seen "Awww" (as in, "aww, look at the baby!", spelled, "ALL". What in the hell Y'ALL, this is totally unacceptable!

Last but not least, USE SOME DAMN PUNCTUATION! Good grief. I see notes on facebook that would probably be over a page long if typed in MS Word, without a single punctuation mark! wtf? why? I know y'all know better.

It's really sad to me... what kind of professional career can you possibly have when you only speak hood? Just open up a book. it won't hurt ya.

And as sad as this is, I can't help but notice some of these schools these people went to. Every kid should have access to the same education, but in Detroit, unless you can pay for private school like my mom did, or you can get into some of the better schools, you probably don't have a fair shot like everyone else does, unless you happen to have access to thing that your fellow students don't have access to.

Anywho, i really hope we as people can get this together, because it's really sad to see.

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