interesting night in royal oak

for those of you not familiar with the area, Royal Oak is a suburb of Detroit. It's about 5 minutes away. I'd always heard about the happenin' night life, but I never really believed it. But I kinda got dragged there with my aunt, she's cool.

So, we get there & she has to take a tinkle, so we go into Starbuck's for her to go to the bathroom. As we were leaving, I saw literally the hugest effing dog i have ever seen. We asked the owner how much he weighed, and he said 195lbs! 195?!?! that's a damn beast, not a dog! This thing was GIANT. you could seriously ride him like a horse. If you're curious, the guy said he was a breed called a Newfoundland. I'd heard of it, but I'd never seen one up close.

Anywho, we keep wandering around trying to find a place to have a couple drinks & a little something to eat while we watched the Red Wings game. All the bars had lines wrapped around the buildings, the place we went to had like a 30 minute wait. It was pretty brutal.I could give 2 shits about hockey, but it was fun being out & getting carded and getting my hand stamped. woo hoo! So i had a beer, which i still find totally disgusting, btw. I've tried like 5 kinds so far & it's sick. So, after i took like 5 tiny sips of beer, i had a Malibu Pineapple & pineapple juice. It was pretty good. While at the bar (which was standing room only), I got beer spilled on my feet like 3 times, some lady backed her chair into me, I got elbowed several times and saw 2 drunken girls teetering on the edge of lesbianism. All around a good bar experience, lol.

While at the bar, about 2/3 was over & the Wings were clearly losing, we left. And we went to this coney island next door and got turkey burgers, which were really food! While there, all of a sudden this huge Rottweiler walks by at the same times as some weird looking brown dog & they start barking wildly and then the Rott bit some random dude's leg. I was like "omg!" and then this crowd formed & the police came. I was concerned but continued eating, haha. It was like a movie. And this random lady comes up to the dog while the police officer is getting a report & she just stood next to the owner like she was also the dog's owner & she missed the whole incident. I thought it was her dog for a second. She looked so interested in what the cop was saying & she looked all concerned for the dog. She even petted his head. wtf? Turns out it was just some random lady. She was such a weirdo. She had the most expressionless face ever. The police officer just said "no, go" super calmly like was shooing a fly. It was weird.

So, that dramatic scene cleared & I'm sitting there texting and some random dude comes up from behind, strokes my ear & seductively says "oooh baby". what in the hell?! And then he and all his friends walked away & laughed & chatted in Arabic or something. It was so weird.

I seriously can't wait to hang out down there again. hopefully there won't be so many damn weirdos & vicious dogs.


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