America's Next Top Model's WORST makeovers.

1. Brittany from cycle 8.

bright red sew in weave.

this picture doesn't even do it justice. it was matted & stiff as a damn board.

2. Tiffany from cycle 5 (i think?)
Her weave looked like that crap you get in the random aisles if the beauty supply store. you know, the $5.99 for 14 inches crap.
i can't find any good pics of it, but y'all remember.

3. Jenah from cycle 9

just one of many where they went TOO blond & put in some crappy, stringy extensions. and toward the end, it got all dry & icky looking & they never touched up the poor girl's roots!

4. Cassandra from cycle 4 (i think, sorry i'm so bad with the cycles, there's so many!)

in this picture it looks ok, but i hated it. they claimed they weren't cutting her hair "just because", but i don't believe that. it didn't flatter her face at all! and they wanted to cut it some more! it was too much & not a good look.

5. Michelle from cycle 4.

Oh holy hell. it was a mess. it was WAY TOO BLONDE! no dimension, just one, flat color. & as time went on, it turned yellow as hell & it looked dryer than hay that took a trip through hell. and on top of that, it was poofy as hell. it was a hot ass mess.

and again, i can't find a good picture, lol. sorry dolls, but i'm sure you guys remember.

However, i must say, the absolute WORST one was Saleisha, who i blogged about earlier.

ciao bellas.

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