going to ATLANTA!

well, technically, it's to a tiny town right outside of Atlanta for m family reunion & hopefully some sight-seeing. haven't been since 2006 & this is my first time ever with my mommy, it's gonna be so weird! we loved it down there so much & that was always our summer getaway. we get t-shirts every year with everyone's name on it, & i've they've passed away, there's a little star next to their name. this year there'll be one by my mom's name =[ booooo for death. but she's with me always.

i plan on taking some of her ashes down there & scattering them, because she LOVED it down there & she always felt so at home & so at peace there.

i'm so glad to get away, i need a vacation like mad.

anyway, this'll probably be my last post for a few days. i'm leaving Thursday morning & i'm busy all day tomorrow so i don't think i'll have time to blog.

don't miss me too much!

check back around tuesday-ish to read about my trip & see pics.

and i really wanna go to the Aquarium again, i went in 2006 & it was breathtaking.

see ya soon, babes.

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