Lady Gaga [closet raid #3]

okay, seriously. who else but her could pull off this...

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yes, she has on a pink rubber pencil skirt & a black pvc bra. and on top of that, this picture was taken in January in London. doesn't her body look sick in it? ah, i love it.

Then there was this bubble dress. now usually a bubble dress is one of those dresses where it's like, poofy on the bottom because the lower part of the dress is folded under. idk how to explain it [lol], but you ladies know what i meant. but this is lady gaga's interpretation of a bubble dress:

it's LITERALLY covered in bubbles.

and when i saw this, i realized how BAMF she is.

it's literally a HAIR BOW. haha. i love it, i love it, I LOVE IT!

i wish i could actually pull this off, but alas...

oh, to live in Hollywood land. you can wear anything. boooo for boring old Detroit/the corporate world.

Anyway, i'm gonna go ahead and call it while the game is still early:
Lady Gaga IS THE style icon of 2009

just sayin'...

Aside from her delicious style, what about that music of hers?

I love it! it's bordering on the edge of techno without being annoying as hell. I wouldn't go so far as to say she has the greatest voice ever, like I can't imagine her singing a ballad, but something about her voice is great. It goes so well with the beats in her songs. She seems like a TRUE artist & there aren't many of those now. I also love her blatant honesty. In magazine interviews, she claims all she wanted for Valentine's Day was "carbs & sex", and while I don't agree with this, she admits to "starving" herself to stay skinny. Boooo. I hope teenage girls don't follow that, but I hope they pay attention to her individuality & that she's not a total cookie cutter.

I hope she keeps up the good work && has many, MANY more hits. I love to dance in my room to her songs, ha. she gets me so pumped for like, everything.

p.s., has anyone ever noticed that she looks just like Amy Winehouse, minus the crackheaded-ness?


  1. She looks like an ass in every picture you posted...

  2. how does she look like an ass?

    YOU look like an ass.