Jon & Kate Plus 8

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I love this show. I wasn't a fan at first, I found it a bit boring, but I started watching it while I was away at school & I was hooked. The kids are sooo cute & they say the funniest things. But, as well all have seen & heard, the parents' marriage has gotten out of control. They've been on the covers of tabloids non-stop with all these accusations & we'll probably never know what's really going on, but it's not our business really, even though they are reality tv stars.

For the sake of their kids, they absolutely have got to quit the show. It makes me sad because i really think they're gonna get a divorce & i know first hand how hard it is to be a kid when your parents are divorcing, but i'm sure it's even harder for them because they're in the public eye.

They're supposed to be making some announcement on Monday and I imagine it's either that the show is ending, or that they're getting divorced.

Either way, I hope everything works out. They seemed like such a good family at first, even though Kate seems to be a little bossy, lol.


  1. i mean, she's bossy yes, but she just strikes me as a mom who just wants better for her kids than she had.