high school.

recently, i've been thinking & reminiscing and i can't believe how much i miss high school!

now, i didn't go to a "normal" high school, well, i guess the word "normal" is relative. anywho, i went to an all-girls catholic school. sounds like hell to some people, but i LOVED it. i made some of the best friends ever & when you're around all girls, you really get to see who you REALLY are because the pressure of looking cute for boys & worrying what they say/think wasn't an issue. now, we did have an all boy's school directly next door but we never really saw much of each other except before & after school and once when we had a joint assembly for a chastity talk. haha.

i don't know what really made me write this. i'm bored & i felt like blogging SOMETHING & this has been on my mind a lot. life was so much easier for the most part. didn't have to worry about a damn thing. well,i was having a lot of issues during that time about my dad not being around because i went to a school where i'd guess 85% or more of the students' parents are still MARRIED. i think you'd only see a statistic like that at a Catholic school, lol. aside from that, it was pretty good.

ohhh boy do i miss my plaid skirt, polo shirt & vest. also i loved wearing tube socks as knee socks (HA!) and last but not least, the SADDLE SHOES! yes, they were mandatory! that was even out school mascot.

boy oh boy what i'd do to go back for 4 more years. life was so much simpler. but, life goes on...

here's me & my best friend ever. this was on "sophomore day". it's when the sophomore class picks their class colors, mascot, flower, quote, etc. if i'm doing the math right, this was february 2003. wow. ha.

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