The Duggars

you guys may not all know her by name, but she's the mom of that family that has 18 kids. yep, 18 kids. the oldest one is only 21, so she's been pregnant damn near non-stop.

they have a show called "18 kids & counting" and i've been watching it recently because i was curious to see how these people live. they always kind of seemed like some weird people from one of those bizarre religious sects, but they seem so normal. it's kind of sweet actually how the older kids take care of the little ones & how close everyone is. it makes me smile to see happily married for so long.

Anyway, i can't be the only who wonders this... but can you imagine what her stomach looks like! idk, maybe it's just me. but after being pregnant, what, 16 times? (she has 2 sets of twins i believe)it must hang over like a plastic bag filled with pudding. and her vag... man. those babies must slip out so damn easily. kinda of like throwing a pencil down the grand canyon? well, maybe not.

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