The bow headband to end ALL bow headbands.

I nearly fainted when i saw this. I was casually walking through Claires with my aunt, planning on not buying anything cuz i'm poor as balls & suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, i saw it there, calling my name... "paiiiiige", it whispered,"PAIIIIIGEEEE, come get me", so i turned. and what do i see? a silver headband with a metal bow, encrusted in rhinestones. Lord help me!

It was the most beautiful sight. I couldn't stop "omg-ing" in the store. & i usually never try on headbands cuz who the hell knows who tried it on before & what they have, but i had to try this one on. omg. it was beautiful.

I have a serious addiction to headbands. I have probably almost 30. it's so tragic. but this is my far, my favorite. I also have a thing for bows, so it just made my life.

Here it is up close. *drools*

and here's me & in all my happiness modeling it. =]

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