my first LUSH product!

yay, i got a FREE bath bomb! i was so excited.

me & my bff were walking through Macy's & we were in the cosmetics section & we passed the Lush counter and they were doing some weird giveaway. you had to draw a bear (yeah, i know) & you won a free bath bomb! so i drew a VERY crude one. it was terrible. it had flowers & trees & a smiling sun & shiz around it. i was a true ar-teest. yes ma'ams!

anyway, the bathbomb i got is called "white wedding". they don't have it up on the site, i guess because it was limited edition, but the packaging says it's "filled with indulgent, soothing & smoothing oils such as Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Rose & Bergamot".

it smells pretty good!

haven't used it yet, but i will soon, i'm pretty excited!

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