true life: i'm a telemarketer.


this is the most miserable job i've ever had. to start it off; some days i get off at 11. one day at midnight and one day at 3:45.

here's what goes down: you get there. pray you find a computer that actually works. found one? good. log in. pray someone left a phone at your station. no such luck? look around all fucking day for one. plug it in. completely static-y. perfection. take 20 mins to find another one that works. JACKPOT. the computer starts dialing numbers. let the yelling, cursing and "DON'T CALL HERE EVER AGAIN"'s begin. *sigh* just the start of a 7 hour shift.

we can legally call people from 8am to 9pm. and the national do not call list? psh. we're exempt. awesome.

seriously, i cannot wait to find a new job. i've come home and cried because of the way people talk to me. i mean, i know being solicited is annoying but just fucking hang up, there is no need to curse and stuff, ugh. we are PEOPLE too.

*rant over*

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  1. i did something similar to it, some of the times, i would just press the mute button on my phone and skip the calls, luckily i only worked 5 hr shifts cause i wrkd a 9-5 during the day but i truly understand your situation. i remember when yu were bummed yu didnt have a job, but be thankful you have one. i know im just like yu though, prayin for a new one.soon.very,very soon.