forever 21.


from forever 21:
heart pendant
black slouchy beret (got the grey one last week)
brown huge sunglasses
paisley-ish wallet

bath & body works:
black raspberry lotion & body spray-i bought a bottle of this over the summer, but i lost it and never found it! i wore it today and this guy at work told me i smelled like strawberry shortcake, haha. (it doesn't smell like strawberry short cake, lol)
midnight pomegrante body spray-i've been wearing this scent off & on for a while. i've had a few lotions, but this is the first time i got the spray. i actually love to spray it in my hair!
vanilla bean holiday lotion

[**they had a sale! if you bought 1 of their signature scent items, you got one free. the total came to $25.44 and you got a coupon for a free item under $13 if you spent $25 or more! this is how i got the vanilla bean lotion. basically, i got 2 items for FREE!]

victoria's secret-5/$20 beauty rush products. i had to stock up! got my usual "i want candy" and "strawbery fizz" lip glosses, but this time i also got a pina colada scented one. i forgot the name of it, and i'm too lazy to go get it, lol. but it smells nice. and i also got thes lip balm thingies. one is papaya-kiwi & the other is banana berry. i'm not too impressed to be honest. eh, to each her own.

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