Paige, Paige, Mo Maige, Banana Fana, Fo Faige

Fee Fi, Mo Maige, Paiiiige.

haha, sorry i'm so obnoxious. I used to sing that song all the time with my mommy <3

and I was just sitting here thinking about how much i used to HATE MY NAME! ahhh, I seriously hated it 'til I was probably like 16. When I was 10 or 11 I actually started telling people my name was Ashley cuz I wanted a more "normal" name, lol. I was such a weirdo. But now that I think about it, I LOVE my name! It's different & it stands out. & I only know a few Paiges, but we are all awesome, if i say so myself.

My mom had always told me my name was picked out before my parents even got married. She heard it in the movie, "Jagged Edge" & fell in love. She also told me what it meant, and she told me it meant "servant" and I got a little alarmed cuz who the hell aspires to be a servant, and my mom looked at me and said "Paige, out of all the greatest people in the world, aren't they all serving someone?" and I didn't think of that until she said it, but it's so true! When I first heard servant, I thought of like a maid or something, but think about it: all the greatest people are helping others! Doctors, lawyers, presidents and my mom was one too! She devoted her entire life & career to helping the people of Detroit, especially the low income, be the best they can be!

Anyway, did any of you guys hate your name growing up? Or did you always love it?

Let me know! I love comments =]

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  1. you've been awarded!