oh, give thanks.

well, thanksgiving's technically over, but i still wanted to take the time out to blog about what i'm thankful for. i've had a rough couple years, but through it all, i've made it through because of the man upstairs. <3

next, my lovely friends. so many have been there to listen to me cry & whine and i really do appreciate it.

and my finals thanks thanks is to my family and family friends who have been amazing for the most part. ESPECIALLY my lovely grandparents who i'd do anything for. as long as i'm around, i promise they will never need anything and most of their wants will be taken care of because they deserve it! they have been the most supportive people i could ever ask for.

i'm also thankful for my health, my much improved state of mind, the fact that i have a job, a roof over my head, food in my greedy mouth, etc.

hope you all had a good holiday! =]

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