i'm still alive! plus mini haul!

omg, i've been so busy.

sorry i've been neglecting all you lovely ladies! this work schedule is CRAZYYYY and i'm looking for a new job too so it's been really crazy. on top of that, after much consideration and deciding that things were getting out of hand; i started grief counseling to deal with my mom's death. i only started 2 weeks ago but i feel SO DRAINED after, but it really does help just to talk about it.

anywho, i've been shopping!

got a few things at walmart:

finally got a lighted makeup mirror! i love it =]

and 2 really cute, super comfy bras and they were only $10 each! such a bargain.

also, who knew Hard Candy is now at walmart? i didn't! last i knew it was at sephora. but i got this really pretty baked blush called "Honeymoon" and it gives you the most gorgeous glow! love it <3

also, i've been obsessed with glamour mag lately. it's my new favorite!

then i went on a ring spree!

got one at Ashley Stewart and 2 at Avenue. I usually don't shop at plus size stores cuz i really don't like the stuff they, but most stores stop at a ring size 8 and i'm like a 9, so, yep.

aren't they super cute? the huge white one is actually stretchy. it's kind of uncomfy actually, but i'm willing to sacrifice for cuteness =]

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