10 random things about me:

1. i hate beans. and it's not the taste, it's the texture! i hate how they're all smooth on the outside and weird & powdery on the inside. yuck.
2. i believe in ghosts & aliens. i think i've encountered several ghosts and the alien thing; if there's life on earth, why can't their be life on other planets? yes, some are inhabitable to us humans, but don't you think other species could tolerate it? i'm no theorist or anything, lol. just sayin'...
3. i think i'm addicted to my weave/extensions/whatever you wanna call them. seriously, it all started the day before prom. i got them for the first time and i've been hooked since May 2006. i look so much better with long hair! i love it <3
4.i want a puppy so bad!
5. i want to live in Atlanta, it's so lame in MI!
6. i would LOVE to become a vegan. i just don't have the willpower.
7. i didn't start watching the Disney Channel 'til after I graduated HS. I'm obsessed now. I wish Miley was my bff <3
8. my faith isn't as strong as it used to be, but my morals are very strong these days. i think? lol. i really REALLY try and stay away from things i know i don't have any business doing. some people might call it being a baby or immature, or "high school", but i really think it makes me more mature to be able to say NO, then wind up with some consequences i'm not ready for.
9. i hate arguing. even if things build up in me, i'd rather have peace than a huge argument. unhealthy? yes. but i'm working on it.
10. no matter what, nail polish will not stay on my nails. it's so damn annoying! i've tried everything. so, now i wear acrylics, but what i've been doing recently is just putting a thin layer on my natural nails so the polish sticks. works like a charm!

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