Big things poppin'

just a little list of goals i want to accomplish in the VERY near future.

1. lose weight. i'm getting a gym membership soon, i feel so "blah" not that i've pretty much stopped working out. not to mention flabby, lol.

2. getting my braces back on! i had them when i was younger, didn't finish (long, stupid story that just pisses me off. i'd like to thank my dead beat father for this one) and now i'm worse off than before. they're not completely busted or anything, lol. but i need them back on.

3. get my real estate AND p & c insurance licenses. seriously, when the economy picks back up, this is gonna be a great career.

4. find the love of my life. i know this isn't gonna just happen right away, but that's really the only thing i've ever wanted for myself more than ANYTHING. all the money in the world means nothing if you don't have unconditional love behind you <3

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