i never really blogged about it, except a few short bursts from my phone, so, here we go!

i flew out with my grandparents. i was sooo anxious, omg. i'm so scared of planes! but, it wasn't bad at all. the flight was barely 90 minutes. i felt like such a little kid looking out the window at the clouds and looking down at the world, haha. so, we got there, and i've always felt so at home there. i love it so much. the closeness of family, the red dirt, the easygoing lifestyle, the peace, the LACK OF CRIME. ahhh, i could've stayed forever. we stayed for about 4 days total. i wish we could've stayed longer, but i had to go back to school =[ the town we were in is called Locust Grove, GA. about 30 mins south of Atlanta. I wanted to go to the aquarium really bad, but no one else wanted to. [laaaame!], but we did get to go see the MLK Center. the weather is beautiful, everyone is SO FRIENDLY and everything is just so laid back & southern.

it was an overall lovely vacay. the family reunion was great! it was a hawaiian theme, you'll notice later the flower i put in my hair =] it was all good, til me & my cousin got attacked by the most disgusting bug ever. haha. it looked just like a leaf and was 2 inches long. yuckity yuck.

here's some pics, i'm too lazy to label them, so deal with it, lol.

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