some stuff i got in Atlanta. missing in pic: like 5 other bottles of lotion. B&BW had a good sale. buy 3, get 3 free.

i am so obsessed with this necklace! i love the details on the key, can't wait to wear it!

this is what i got today. a plaid ruffle button down, gray leggings, Escada Moonlight Sparkle perfume (half off at TJ Maxx!), 2 Lash Blasts for $10 at Target (they're normallylike 9 bucks each, this is a great deal!), and some storage thingy.

close up of my perfume. smells sooo good.

and my super mascara. i love this stuff! i get so many compliments on my lashes when i wear it, people always ask me if my lashes are fake!


in case you guys were confused, the captions and the pics got switched around. basically, the pics don't match the captions, lol. don't ask me what happened, but i am truly too lazy to fix it. just admire the pictures i guess, haha.

sorry ladies.

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