Am I the only one who feels completly NOT CUTE in the summer?

i always get so excited for summer. the cute dresses, the not having to wear 68978897 layers of clothing, etc. but when it gets here, i feel miserable as hell. i mean, i like being able to dress for the weather, but it makes me so grumpy for some reason! lol, i get hot, then i get grumpy. and it's hot, so i sweat, and my makeup looks like ass and i'm breaking out so bad, UGH. it's sick. and my hair won't stay straight nad my allergies are making my eyes water and my mascara (yes i use waterproof!) comes off when i wipe my eyes. it's just not a good look.

i wish i would just be like, 70-75 degrees here. the weather in MI is just too extreme.

but maybe i'm just bitter cuz i've had no time to enjoy summer. school.work.school.home.bed.

almost every damn day. and on the days i have no school, i sleep all freaking day. REMIND ME TO NEVER TAKE 2 SUMMER CLASSES AT ONCE. i must've had a death wish. arrrggghh.

but my last class is over last week (PRAISE THE LORD!) so hopefully i'll have more time. and then i think i'm gonna actively search for another job cuz i need more money because i'm 21 this summer and i haven't has a chance to really enjoy my new 21-year-old-ness!


  1. You are not alone hun! Summer isnt really my "thing" I prefer the fall! :)

    -kelly of *AF*

  2. me too! fall and spring are the best. =]

    thanks for the comment!