baby mama

i hate this term.

idk why it bugs me so much, but it does. maybe it's just me, but i would be so damn offended if i had a baby and the dad called me his "baby mama", or even "baby's mom". i know i'm a little old fashioned when it comes to these things, but i guess the more pressing issue is; why are we letting these random dudes get us pregnant in the first place? better yet, why are we HAVING SEX with these random dudes? i don't like the way society is going! i know marriage isn't for everyone, but can you at least be in a relationship with someone if you're having sex with them? why are so many women these days having sex with men they don't even know! i don't understand when and WHY this became socially acceptable. i swear, the dawn of birth control, condoms, etc is a blessing and a curse. the pros are obvious: but the cons-- people think they can bone whoever they want with no consequences!

it may be a good idea for you, at least that's what you think, but think about the potential baby you're bringing into this world. that baby's not gonna have a daddy because you guys wanted to have fun for what? 30 minutes? i'm not saying it's wrong to be a single mom, cuz shit happens, but just think about the potential consequences of things BEFORE you do them & stop sitting there with a dumbass look on your face when you find that random hookup resulted in a baby in your belly.

it's sad. please, please, PLEASE just think! and think of yourselves as MORE than some dude's baby mama. strive for more! be better then a random hookup, be his girlfriend or even his wife before you give it up!


  1. *CLAPPING* Couldnt have said it better myself! I agree 100% with eeeevvverrrythingyou said! SMH! it's like you're in my head! :)

    Nice post!

    -Kelly of *AF*

  2. Speak on it!! I hate the phrase Baby Mama too it makes me cringe like scratchin nails on a chalk board!! There are too many baby mamas and not enough wives!

  3. well done! You are a professional writer & it makes sense