MJ's memorial

wow. it was amazing. a fitting tribute for the KING of pop. I missed some of it because I was at work, but I listened to it online at work.all the performances were great, but the most poignant moment was when Paris Katherine Jackson got up & spoke. I actually shed a couple tears. those poor babies. daddy's gone & mama doesn't want them. I just hope they grow up to be healthy adults & not just MJ's children & they know more about all the good that he did & not all the things that were alleged.

just pray for them y'all.

say what you want about him, but it seems apparent that he was a good dad. yes, covering their faces seemed strange to us, but did you ever that maybe he just didn't want them to be recognized? Paris is a brave young lady for being able to get up and speak about her dad like that in front of ALL those people! Who knows if they're biologically his or not, but it doesn't matter. obviously he wanted them.

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