new phone, school, new piercing (AGAIN!), life etc. just an update i guess.

got the lg env touch! i used to have the voyager. the *idea* was cool. (touch screen on the outside, qwerty keyboard on the inside), but i had soooo many problems with it, ugh! the damn thing broke 5 TIMES in just over a year! FIVE TIMES! and i was always super careful with the thing. arg. anyway, i just upgraded and got the env touch. it's so cool. it looks similar to the voyager, but it's so much better! threaded texting, apps, better mp3 player, favorites. and the internet is so fast!

here's a pic of it:

i love the wallpaper i bought =] and don't you just love my cupcake charm? haha, i'm so obsessed with that thing. it's fallen off so many times & i keep finding creative ways to reattach it, lol. and i of course got a bright pink case for it (not pictured). it's one of those silicone ones that covers up the keyboard & it's kind of annoying to text on.

so, i finished my night class. i was from 6-10 pm, monday & wednesday. the class itself was cool, it was just the hours! on those days, i was up fro school at 6 am, class 'til 12:30, work 'til 5pm, then class from 6-10pm. i was sooo exhausted, omgosh. and i'd get home at 10:30, fall asleep at about 12, then up again at 6. it was rough. but thank God it's over! my grade isn't as good as i wanted it to be (b-), but it's ok. i was kinda bummed. it was a computer class, we learned all about MS Office. Holy crap that stuff is hard! lol, especially MS Access and all the functions on Excel. i'm still in my morning Bio class, and honestly, it's not going so well. but i really am trying! i have 2 more weeks, please pray that i pass!

new piercing:
i don't even know what it's called, haha. i got my belly button repierced almost 2 weeks ago, and then last friday, i went with my friend & her sister while they got pierced. my friend Heather got a monroe, which looks super cute on her. and her sister Sam, got her lip done, on the side. it's really cute too! i was kind of considering getting my daith or rook done, but i saw a piercer there that had his ear pierced and i was like "omg, that's so cool!" so, my friend talked me into it, and here it is:

different, huh? i'm into different things as of late. but i have to be careful cuz i work in an office. boooo! but, it's cool. i've only seen one other person with it, and you can barely see it cuz i always wear my hair down. ps; please excuse my need for a fill in =]

so, i've pretty much decided that i'm moving to Atlanta (which reminds me, i still need to blog about & post pics of my vacation!) in a few years. i can't stand Michigan, and i love it there! i see no reason to stay here. except for now; the only reason i'm here is because of my grandparents! i love them so, so much, but when they're gone, i am OUT OF HERE. not getting along so great with everyone else in my family. whatever. my grandparents have been absolutely amazing since my mom passed away. i can't ask for a more supportive set of g'rents. i was always pretty close with them, but i'm so much more now. my mom was the 2nd daughter the lost, and as much as they're hurting, they're biggest concern is me & it's so selfless of them. they are the best, and sooo adorable. they've been married for 64 years (!!!). ikr? lol. people now barely stay married for that many days. ha. they're such an old married couple. the "bickering", the looks they give each other, omg, it's hilarious. they should have a reality show.

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