best conditioner i have EVER used.

this is my new HG! saw it at the beauty supply store & it sounded interesting. i think it was only 5 bucks or so and you get a HUGE tub of it. my hair is SO SOFT afterward, i can't even believe it. i leave it on a lot longer than the directions say, but it's conditioner, i don't think any harm can really be done. just started using it a week ago, (just used it for the second time today), and my hair has been breaking off like mad over the past year or so. arrghh. so, i think after a month or so i'll blog about how my hair's doing. so far, so good though! if it's this soft, it must be doing something good!

btw, i think this stuff is only made for African America hair, all my lovely Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic etc., with straight hair, readers may want to beware of this stuff! i can imagine it may make your hair oily and flat. idk, maybe i'm wrong though.

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