wetseal & forever 21 FINALLY sell plus sized clothes.

it's about damn time!

forever 21 & wetseal have always had such cute clothes, but they stop at a large. i wear an xl. it always bugged me... i can see them not selling 3x's & 4x's & stuff, but no xl? c'mon. plenty of people wear an xl. and it may not even be fat, some girls just have tog ole' bitties! (that's not my excuse, ha). but i was glad to see that they finally came to their senses and added plus sized clothing. 

wet seal goes up to a size 24 & 3x now. however, it's only available online, which is kind of annoying. but hey, rome wasn't built in a day. hopefully soon they'll include plus sizes in their stores. 

i ordered this shirt... (in grey)

and this jacket... (in khaki)

forever21 goes up to a 2x & the biggest number size i saw was a 16. seriously? that's barely plus-sized... anyway, they had some cute things. mostly shirts.
i ordered 2 dresses, here they are. also, the plus sized line is called "faith21" and i believe it's actually available in store. i'm not sure though. but i stil ordered online.

i got this in orange...

and i got this in black. i'm not crazy about that belt, but it's removable.

my clothes should come soon. after i try them on, i'll be sure to post reviews!

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