it needs to be said.

listen up ladies.

i am so sick of seeing & hearing about how easily some of y'all give it up. what are you thinking?
i guess i can understand that it's fun or whatever, but i deep down, i find it hard to believe that you actually really enjoyed it. what good could possibly come of sleeping with some dude you barely know? think about it... you don't know this dude's last name, but you're gonna let him inside your body? and i don't care how careful you think you're being, you can STILL get pregnant or catch something. NOTHING is 100% besides abstinence & i truly believe that all this junk that comes on tv & in movies had influenced this generation. everything on film always makes things look perfect. one-night stands always become your prince charming, the random dude who knocked you up (when you didn't use a condom!) sticks around & you guys raise the baby & live happily ever after. yeah right! and in all the sex scenes you see in movies & on tv, when's the last time you saw someone put on a condom? almost never! yet you never head anything about STD's or pregnancy. I'm not writing this to put anyone down, but i just hate to see girls treat themselves like this. you are better than that ladies! & don't even let some dude tell you or treat you otherwise. i know not everyone wants to get married, but most do... and think about it. do you want your husband to have what a million other dudes got to have? and what if one of these guys gives you something you can't get rid of?! you really wanna be stuck with something forever for a few minutes of pleasure with some random guy? just PAUSE before you do something. i'm not saying that we should save ourselves until marriage (though i think it's a great idea), i think that may be too extreme. what if you never get married? however, if you're with a guy and; you can't imagine him being a good father, he's irresponsible, you could never let him meet your parents, he hooks up with random girls all the time, etc. when why on earth would you sleep with him?

take it easy girls.

your body is a GIFT, treasure it!