really good nude lip gloss.

i started buying Beauty Rush lip gloss from VS about a year ago, mostly because i'd heard they smell really good, so i decided to give them a shot, thinking they wouldn't even show up, because lip glosses don't really show up on my lips, except for MAC.

Anywho, this one in particular is really pretty. it's called "Slice Of Heaven". in the tube, as you may be able to see, it's like a light tan color with an iridescent pink sheen to it. it's kind of hard to explain. Here's what it looks like in the tube...

and here's how it looks on...

pretty, right? on a scale of 1-10, i'd give it an 8. the only thing wrong with it? it does that gross thing that some glosses do, where it globs up in the corners and turns white. ew! (speaking of which, does anyone know how to prevent that & why it happens in the first place?). anyway, try it & enjoy ladies!

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