must haves [for the girls]

so, here's a list of 5 things i think every girl should have to bring out her inner diva.

1. some really good smelling lip gloss

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i love these. i got them at victoria's secret. the lighter one is "slice of cake" & it smells like vanilla cake with yummy frosting. and the pink one is "i want candy". sometimes when i'm bored i put it on just to smell it. ha. it makes me happy. and well, who doesn't like well-glossed lips?

2. a bright, semi-crazy nail color.

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this is some cheap junk i got at the beauty supply store. you get 3 for $1 (no lie). it chips like crazy and you have to apply 3 or 4 coats for it to look decent. lol, but i really liked the color. in case you wanna know, it's "santa fe" by missi. eh, what can you expect for 33 cents? ps, sorry i'm terrible at polishing nails. it's all on my skin & ish. pardon my sloppiness... it'll come off in the shower tomorrow.

3. a secret piercing

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this is my tragus piercing. it's awesome. i like it cuz it's visible, but not TOO visible. i work at an insurance company, so obviously i can't walk in there with a tongue ring & septum piercing, right? but, my favorite piercing was my belly button. i loved it. i always felt like i had a little secret that no on really knew about it. i always kept cute, sparkly, dangly jewelry in it. but unfortunately, my body rejected it. but i'm gonna get it redone soon i think. it's gonna be my reward after i lose some more weight.

4. a special piece of jewelry
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i got this tiffany bracelet for my 18th birthday. i'm 21 now. i ALWAYS have it on. the only time i've taken it off is to clean it and for when my clumsy ass broke it, ha. when i say "special", that doesn't necessarily mean it has to be expensive, because this wasn't that expensive. it's from tiffany & co., yes, but it's silver, it was less than $200. i just think it's really cute. and it reminds me of my mommy everytime i look at it.

& last but not least...

5. some fierce heels!
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what really needs to be said about heels? they make you feel cute, taller, flirty & all around more fierce. not to mention they make it look like you spent hours in the gym on your legs cuz when you wear them, your muscles have to flex. i got these from DSW. they're BCBG Girls and they actually came in my size! it's so hard to find shoes to fit my feet. i wear a size 10 or 10.5 or 11. yeah, yeah. don't make fun. but when i find a pair of cute heels that fit & they don't kill my feet & they don't cost a million dollars, i must get them!


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