nasty people.

i don't understand some folks... actually, first off, i guess i should clarify what i mean by "nasty". i don't mean physically nasty, like dirty people. i'm talking about people with constant foul attitudes and personalities.

what is the point? what is going on in your life that makes you so miserable? EVERYONE goes through hard times, it's a part of life, but don't let things sour you & turn you into a bitter person. you're helping NO ONE, including yourself. i decided to write this after speaking to a woman with a terrible attitude at work. it's a long story, and i don't feel like explaining, but she literally had me making faces at her over the phone, lol. she was horrible. i've spoken to her a few times & she's always been really foul. i don't understand how her husband puts up with it. i pray she isn't always that way. if so, she must be good in bed or something, because i can't imagine anyone putting up with that mess for years & years.

everyone gets in a bad mood from time to time, but there is no reason to take it out on others & drag innocent people into your misery.

ok, my rant is over.

now turn that frown upside down!

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