today was a good day =]

guess what i did today?

got pierced. AGAIN! haha, i'm seriously addicted. this time i got an industrial. hurt like a bitch, but not NEARLY as much as my rook.

there's a google image pic, i was too lazy to take pics myself =]

and i can't wait for it to heal so i can put this gorgeousness in there:

yay for piercings!

and then, on my way home, i heard a contest on the radio anouncing the first 10 people to call, would get a free membership to a well known gym chain around here (it's called powerhouse). and guess who won?!?!

yours truly. oh, yesss.

today was an awesome, awesome day.

and later, i'm going to the midnight viewing of "Brothers" with Jake Gylenhaal, Tobey McGuire (i can't believe how thin he got for this role! such a committed actor!), and Natalie Portman. it looks really good.

i hope you ladies are having a good day too

xoxo, paige

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  1. ooh! I got my industrial about 3 months ago and I love it!! good luck on yours :)