How do you guys make your money?

i'm seriously confused. a lot of the ladies i follow are college students but you guys seem to have hella money for non-stop mac purchases, lol. i have a job, i work about 35 hours a week, and i'm making decent money but i never seem to have any money the last couple days before i get my next cheek. so i just suck at life? or do you guys have some sort of side hustle to fuel your makeup addictions? cuz i need one. i do my own extensions (sew in) and i'm thinking about doing that on the side, but i tried to practice on my cousin and it was so pretty but she took it down seriously 3 days later and she wouldn't let me style it right when i did it so i got pissed and let her finish it herself.

anyway, i'm rambling. how the hell do you guys make money?!


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