drugstore makeup minihaul

as a lot of you probably know, i am a complete MAC whore. it's my favorite makeup brand and always will be, but i decided to check out some drugstore brands for a while. i had a few things before, but i almost never used them with the exception of mascara because MAC mascara makes my eyes BURN like no other. (anyone else have this problem?)

I've been wanting to try the Loreal HIP eyeshadows for a while and i finally did and i think i'm in love! I got the duo called Platinum. It's a super pigmented silver and a black. now, in the pics that silver showed up like that in one swipe, but the black, it took 3 swipes for me to get it that dark. i'm not too impressed with the black, but I got it mostly becasue I wanted a silver shadow. The silver is a metallic. Very, very shiny and the black is basically matte with few & far between silver glitter in there. I will definitely be wearing this a lot!

Also, i got the new Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner and i'm not that impressed. it's super dark which i love, but it's really messy IMO and it's not available in waterproof! boo! It has a felt tip instead of the usual brush and the felt tip gives you a lot more control which I love.

The last thing I got: Maybelline Define a lash eyeliner. just kinda "eh" about this. plain black eyeliner. It came with a smudger on the end which is cool, and it glides on REALLY nice and smooth, but it's just your run of the mill eyeliner i guess.

I will DEFINITELY be getting more HIP eyeshadows! Do you ladies love them too? any suggestions for good colors?

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