i be up in the gym, just working on my fitness

so, it's been just over a week since a joined the gym and, well, i hate working out! lol. i hate sweating and i hate how i feel when i'm done (EXHAUSTED!) i wanna be one of those people who LOVES working out but i don't think it's ever gonna happen for me, haha. however, in the long run, it's SO worth it. i just wanna be healthy and skinner =]. i could care less about being flat out skinny, i just wanna be thinner, healthier and more energetic.

i usually just do the bike for 20-30 mins and i do some weight training for another 10 or 15.

i'm gonna start taking pics so i can track how much smaller i'm getting by the week. i don't have a specific weight goal to meet, i just want to lose some. hell, i don't even know exactly how much i weigh. do i have an estimate? yes. do i care to share? hell no. ha.

anyone else on a weight loss journey?


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