Why can't forever21 just extend their sizes?

Yes, yes i know they have faith21 now which is great, but the selection is SEVERELY lacking in comparison to Forever21. They have the cutest stuff but they only go up to a large, which is like, a size 10/11 i believe.

seriously, why don't think just make all their clothes bigger and follow in the footsteps of Old Navy and other clothing stores that make EVERYTHING in bigger sizes. I'm not saying they should go up to a size 56 or some crap, but there's a huge market for plus sizes up to a certain point. i am in the process of losing weight cuz i wanna be healthy [and slimmer] lol, but i wanna look cute too!

Here's the item that made me want to rant: [lol]

i'd seriously love to have this shirt! boo!

and i'd also love to have everything else on this page: http://www.forever21.com/category.asp?catalog_name=FOREVER21&category_name=top_dressy&page=all&pgCount=25

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