RIP Shiloh Pepin

poor little Shiloh was a 10 year old girl born with "Mermaid Syndrome"/ Basically, her legs were fused together and her entire uro-genital and some of her digestive system were abnormal due to this. I've seen her on tv a few times and she was so funny! i just wanted to give the poor baby a hug. They didn't think she'd even live to be a few days old because of all the health problems associated with her syndrome but she lived to 10, and unfortunately, something as relatively common as a cold is what killed her.

if you've never seen her on tv, here's a video of here. very inspirational. she was so positive in spite of it all!

RIP Shiloh.

p.s., i cannot believe some of the comments people had about her! smh...

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