what do you guys think of this? i'm sure some of you reading this are cohabitating. do you think it's good or bad? for the people who aren't; would you ever do it? why or why not?

personally, i find the notion completely non-romantic. some people find it very sweet when their significant other asks them to move in, but um, it just doesn't sound appealing. when you get married; isn't like half the fun the fact that you finally get to live together? and it almost seems like, inappropriate, for lack of a better word. everybody in your family is gonna know you're fucking! lol, idk, maybe i'm just a prude, but i just wouldn't want my family thinking of me like that until i got married. idk, maybe i'm just old fashioned...

eh, just some things. a buddy from HS is moving in with her BF tmrw & i'm happy for them, they seem very in love and like a great couple!

p.s. my eye's been twitching for like 3 days now and and it's driving me NUTS. AH!

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