"The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus"

check out the trailer! as most of us remember, Heath Ledger passed away January, 2008 (it was THAT long ago?! seems like it just happened), anyway, this is the movie he was working on when he died. It wasn't finished, so they had to completely rework the parts he didn't finish and his part was filled in by Johnny Depp, Colin Ferrell and Jude Law (idk if this is true, but i heard they were all donating 100% of their paychecks to Heath's daughter, Matilda). it looks really good! one of those "visual" movies i love. like "Moulin Rouge", and "Willy Wonka". Good movies, but they're also REALLY pretty to look at. "Imaginarium" looks pretty interesting! can't wait to see it! RIP Heath. such a talented actor. seriously, him as the Joker gave me chills. amazing.

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