Kandi Burruss' fiance, AJ, killed last night.


poor guy.

I really hate to hear about anyone getting killed, especially BEATEN to death. how hard do you have to hit someone to kill them? and it was a one-on-one fight apparently! terrible. i'm sure it was over nothing. Anyway, Kandi tweeted about it and she's off to her uncle's funeral this morning. geez. 2 deaths in a week for her. she's in my prayers though. she's my favorite housewife! i love how she's always smiling that, i adore people like that. her daughter Riley is also in my prayers, as Kandi always talked about how close Riley & AJ were. Apparently the relationship ended in August but i think they were getting back together. Also praying for AJ's kids. it's all very sad. I wish people would think about who they're hurting before they do things like this.


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