omg, i've been so neglectful!

so sorry loves. i've been crazy busy with school and work, i have like, ZERO downtime. =[

anyway, i haven't been up to much... started the new semester, it's going pretty well so far. i'm in 2 classes, that's all i could fit into my work schedule. reason #878767878978 why i need to find a new one... i'm blessed to have a job in the frist place, but i need to be a student first & foremost, and that's just impossible there. they don't care that you're in school and won't chance your schedule. whatever.

haven't done much shopping either to tell you guys about... however, i did order from the nyx $1 sale. bought 14 eyeshadows! can't wait for them to get here. it's gonna take forever though because the demand was so high. i'm really excited for them to get here. i got some really pretty colors!

also, i've been tweeting up a storm! cuz i can do it quickly from my phone... it's almost become my new blog. so, follow me! @ohemgeeitspaige i follow back! ;]

what have you guys been up to?

staying gorgeous i'm sure!

xoxo, ttyl

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