How to get my hair like this...

i love her hair! i assume it's a wig. i wear extensions, Velvet Remi if it matters. anyone have any tips on how to get waves like this?


  1. You could try braiding your hair in big loose braids at night...you should get that wavy effect in the morning :)

  2. They have these curlers that they sell at the stands in the mall -- I have no idea what they are called -- but the concept of the is twirl your hair around the curlers instead of using them to twirl your hair (understand a little?).

    Well, my sister (who's a very successful hair dresser in my area) uses them on long extensions and her oh-so long hair (I envy her) and when the curls get older -- she uses a wide toothed comb and combs them out for a wavy look!

    This picture reminds me of that exact look!